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Jesse Jackson needs to sit down

The Associated Press is reporting that Michael Richards, also known as K.K.Kramer, was on Jesse Jackson’s nationally syndicated radio program, “Keep Hope Alive,” to truly make amends for his racial tirade. Apparently, going on Jackson’s show is the solution because if he forgives, then the entire African American community follows.

This is what I hate about the leadership in the African American community. We allow ourselves to be represented by certain blacks who only profit off of our struggles.  Jesse Jackson does not represent me. After all, he is the reverend who has had an affair on his wife, an extortionist of corporations in order to boost his salary, place his children in employment, and raise money for his group, and is a general media groupie. Yes, Jackson is a groupie.

He only pops his head out of the whole he lives in when he can spin anything into a racial issue, and then, at the same time, place himself in the middle of the situation. I am told, ‘rest assured, I can feel comfortable about the situation until Jesse Jackson tells me it is cool.’ Why? Maybe I could if I could share in the money Jesse Jackson receives to clear whites of their racial deficiencies. Instead, he profits from his position while never firmly addressing the inadequacies in our community (i.e., healthcare, welfare, employment, and education). Now, he comes out to tell me that Kramer is actually cool and did not speak as a racist.

Negro, go somewhere and sit down!  Jesse, you are a sellout and no better than the racist that put you on their payroll.

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Michael Richards “Kramer” Is A Racist!

Michael Richards, A.K.A. KKKramer, recently apologized for his racial slurs.  I abstained from opinion until I heard what he had to say. Not that what said to the patrons could have been excused, but I truly believe that everyone makes mistakes and deserves to be heard (A little thing our legal system refers to as Due Process).


After watching his apology, I have come to the conclusion that he is a racist. His apology seemed forced, robotic, and as if he was just going though the motions, almost giving a “form” apology just as athletes and other entertainers give. It lacked sincerity.  It lacked emotion. He seemed mad that he is accused of being a racist. Why is that?


In an African American culture where we say ‘nigga’ about as much as a David Duke at home with his children, I seem to understand the argument some whites make when they say that they believed it was appropriate to say ‘nigga’ in certain context.  Those context include situations where whites are familiar with blacks, spend a lot of social time with them, and have observed them using the word to each other on repeated occasions. Richards’ situation was not that.


He spoke in hate. He called it anger and frustration. Again, he mis-spoke. He spoke in hate. He was upset at African American men and his true colors came out. Like an alcoholic who drinks to much, anger often brings true feelings to the forefront. He just didn’t stop at repeatedly using the word “nigga.” He said things like “that’s what happens when you interrupt a white man.” He also referred to lynching. A simple apology will not do here. What should be done, however, is by African Americans.


African Americans need to organize. Stop going to the Laugh Factory where they allow him to perform. Stop watching Seinfeld on television. Consistently speak out aginast this. Let people know how wrong it was for him to say what he did. By taking a lackadaisical approach to this, we only tell whites that while we may be offended by this behavior, we are not mad enough to do anything about it.


The sad part was the laughs in the audience as he went on his racial rampage. Why do people say racism is a thing of the past? People found a white man making racial slurs at a group of blacks was amusing. It probably was to them. It wasn’t for the rest of us.


Turing back to our culture, we have to stop using the word ‘nigga’ so much. I don’t believe in the opinion that there is a difference between ‘nigga’ and ‘nigger.’ After all, it seemed that Kramer put emphasis on the ‘a’ in ‘nigga.” It didn’t make it less offensive to me. Let us set the example of how we want to be treated. Then, they won’t have petty excuses to fall back on.      

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