The Thoughts of an Educated Young African American Male

Girls Gone Wild syndrome is prevailing theme among pop culture whites. Introducing Katie Rees, Former Miss. Nevada

another one of pop cultures’ role models.Reeves wilding out

 Only one day ago I said that Miss USA should not be fired because by under-age drinking, sneeking guys into her room, kissing other women, and the fake breast, she actually represents what teen and young adult popular culture stands for.

In the lastest example of how true that statement is, Miss. Nevada Katie Rees was “stripped” of her crown as pictures surfaced of her acting like she was on Girls Gone Wild. There are pictures of her kissing other women, exposing her self, and basically acting a fool. But, this is cool. This is what a lot of these young women do now. I am just thankful none of your young African American women celebrities (A list down to F in this case) act that these women do. If we could get Nicole Richie together we would be good in that department.  

Oh, there are more pictures, but I think that these two sum up the type of behavior I am talking about.

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