The Thoughts of an Educated Young African American Male

The results of being a thug!

Thanks to Afronerd for posting this. I had no idea. Of course, the media will not nationally cover things that may deter the gang culture in our society. I don’t know about the coverage in NY, but down here in NC we heard nothing.

Ronell Wilson, who is a gang member, executed two undercover detectives to boost his street cred and steal a measly few hundred bucks, was convicted of murder by a federal jury – which now must decide if he should be put to death.

Stupidly, he decided to write a rap song about the murders before he was caught. This sounds painfully familiar to these rappers who rap about drugs, guns, and killings. The difference is, they make millions telling lies, this guy may be sentenced to death.

The misspelled, barely intelligible lyrics read: “You better have that vast [vest] and dat Golock [glock]. Leave a 45 slogs [slugs] in da back of ya head. Cause I’m getting dat bread [money], ain’t goin stop to I’m dead.”  

Well, art imitates life because he may be sentenced to death so he will stop shooting people in the back of the head and robbing them afterwards. At some point, we must show our young culture that this type of behavior has consequences.

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  1. First, your information is wrong. He didn’t execute those cops because he was building his street cred as you say or to steal a couple hundred bucks. How much research did you do before you wrote those lies. I guess I shouldn’t be so judgemental because I’m from Staten Island and I knew about the murders since they happened during my senior year in high school but you jumped the gun and started labeling as if you know what your talking about. He didn’t write the lyrics as if they were a plan to murder. I know you believe that black culture is born in the projects but you’ve taken shit extra far. I’ve already addressed your idea of black culture so I won’t repeat myself. Those lyrics probably had nothing to do with the murder, I can understand if they were used to say he had a violent nature or is capable of violent acts but to say that he was planning a murder is far reaching. In fact the murder was the result of a sting operation on guns that went bad. You make it seem like the boy walked up to the cops and just started unloading a clip (shooting his gun). While what he has done is not justified under any terms, as an educated African American man, I would expect you to understand that something printed in a paper doesn’t make it true. There is no doubt that he is a violent young man. The way he murder those men speaks for itself, your slander isn’t needed…

    Comment by Black Akademik | December 31, 2006 | Reply

  2. I don’t believe the lyrics were a plan for murder. I believe they were a confession of the murder. I also wouldn’t call the story lies. It was what he was convicted of. The fact is he was a violent gang member who killed two people. I will not defend him because of his race.

    It’s not slander to speak truth. He was convicted of murder and wrote lyrics that are similar to the slaying. Should we hide it? Act like such things did not happen?

    I question if you understood the message behind my article “act like the middle class negro you are.” It’s not to say we should act like we are from the projects. It is to say that it is ok to be educated, smart, and not act like we are thugs. Maybe a re-reading is necessary.

    Comment by young black man | January 2, 2007 | Reply

  3. I doubt that the lyrics were a confession of murder, you can say they are similar but then we can go through a lot of rap lyrics and say that, what should we make of those lyrics? Its obvious you don’t know the story line beyond what you have recently read. I’m not saying that you should defend him because he is a black man, he killed two people. However, he wasn’t a gang member and those are the facts. Like I said before, just because its in print doesn’t make it true. To say that he is violent is an understatement but true, to say anything else or make a true statement, you should go back three years, do some research because like I said before you don’t have all the facts.

    About the other article, I think you said something along the lines of black culture being rooted in the ghetto. I don’t know what black culture you grew up around but I’m not from the projects and I never felt like I needed to act like I was from there to be connected with my people. Maybe you need to reread my comment to get an understanding of what I am trying to say. But to summarize it, I think that your confused about what black culture is. Your idea of its seems to be stereotypical and maybe you should re-evaluate it.

    Comment by Blackakademik | January 3, 2007 | Reply

  4. WHAT ARE the facts that you know and we don”t IN all of the articles I read none of them labeled the young man as a gang member.
    Is a represenative of what is celebrated in “pop rap” music today.

    Comment by stacy jones | January 3, 2007 | Reply

  5. I am glad you don’t feel the need to act that way “being from the ghetto,” which was the point of the previous article. When I say black culture is rooted in the projects, as I say in the article, it is to say that it is rooted in struggle. However, youth believe acting ghetto IS acting black. If you do not believe this than we just disagree.

    I am not confused about what black culture is. I think our society is confused about what it is, what it should be, and where it is going. My ideal is to allow ourselves to break the stereotype, to point out flaws to make it better. Now, it seems we hold on to negative images of ourselves. When 1/2 of black males from 22-29 are in jail, we have to say there is a problem. Don’t we?

    Comment by young black man | January 9, 2007 | Reply

  6. There is a problem no doubt about it but you right we do disagree because while the element of struggle is part of black culture, that is not synonymous with the projects….

    Comment by Blackakademik | January 19, 2007 | Reply

  7. I am shocked that anyone would even contemplate committing murder to gain street cred. In fact, it is absolutely pathetic. It just shows how narrow some black people see their lives; why aim so low when you can aim high?

    Comment by aulelia | January 24, 2007 | Reply

  8. Let’s be clear on Mr. Wilson’s “history
    1. he and several friend decided to ‘rob’ 2 guys who tried to buy a tech 9 for $1500.
    2. Mr. Wilson shot 1 man point blank in the head
    3. as the other man begged for his life, he also shot him
    4. Mr. Wilson and his ‘partner’ Mr. Green, tossed the bodies of the victims onto the street after going thru their pockets
    5. Mr. Wilson taunted the police AFTER passing them soon after the shooting.
    6. Mr. Wilson has been a ‘guest’ of the department of corrections, social services and various juvenile systems and psychatric institutions since he was 6 yrs old
    7. Mr. Wilson’s mother was a crackhead pretty much throughout his childhood
    8. Mr. Wilson’s father testified he doesnt recall any of his children’s birthdays, how many he has, etc but told the court that he recalls what year he started drinking (1974)
    9. His attorney’s pleaded with the jury that Mr. Wilson didn’t know the victim’s were police officers
    10. the defense attorney’s suggested that because of his poor upbringing and lack of parents, the defendant didn’t have a chance to overcome his environment
    11. If Mr. Wilson was sentenced to life in prison, he would never know the love of a child or a wife

    Let me respectfully submit the following:

    Whether Ronell killed 2 other gangbangers, gun purchasers or anyone else, it didn’t matter. Planning to rob and kill someone doesnt make you anything but a murderer. It doesnt matter whether you grew up on Long Island or in the Hamptons, He’s a thug plain and simple. He’s spent all this time in jail acting up, passing notes, etc and even wrote a letter to one of his boys asking if some girl would have his ‘kid”. His actions and those of the other 6 of his friends left 2 women widows and 5 children without their husband and father.

    For anyone to think that black culture is anywhere in this is obscene. He’s a murderer. He and those who follow his backward ass logic that “i gotta get mine’ and the ‘struggle’ can’t buy a clue. He’s a criminal and he feeds of our society. He’s nothing more than a pathetic young man who probably cant comprehend that killing someone doesnt make you have street cred, it makes you a murderer. He’s a violent, predatory individual. There is no mistake about it. There are millions of people in this country and around the world who have endured much worse in their life that he ever did, yet they are productive and are working to make the world a better place.

    The general society is confused about ‘the ghetto lifestyle’ because we have shown nothing but schophrenic concepts and ideas that have no basis in reality. we have created myth after myth about being hard, being a ‘man’, women are bitches, hoes and sluts. we kill ourselves with our music, our relationship and continue to blame “general society’ for not accepting us. We dont accept us. We dont stop the drama we created and say STOP!! WE create excuse after excuse for ‘being from the ghetto”, being gangster, being hardcore,. For what? Ronell’s ‘rap’ was nothing but misspelled words and gibberish. The ranting of a lost soul reach for something that he thinks bringing to life will make him a ‘man’. Life in prison might have changed him. I think its highly doubtful. He would find islam, claim to be a political prisoner or continue his gang affilations from jail, hanging on to the misbelief that he’s all that. While his family blames the jury for voting for the death penalty, i dont see any of them offering condolences for the victim’s family. Why? because to do that would to admit that their family member is a killer and that’s can’t do that. Its much easier to blame the victim than to blame the defendant. It means they dont have to examine their relatives actions. They dont have to look within themselves and ask the hard questions about where he went wrong. His Parents dont have to accept their responsiblities of failing as parents. his siblings dont have to ask why didn’t i do more. His aunts, uncles and cousins dont have to ask if they contributes to his rampages. Its much easier to lay denial at someone elses footsteps that to walk in their shoes.

    You dont have to believe everything written about these murders, but much can be lifted from it. 2 men are dead. 2 men who spent their lives making sure all of us can walk the streets without fear. Ronell Wilson is a murderer. and he is an insult to my brothers, nephews and every black man who lived and died to make our culture one of greatness

    Comment by blugoddess | February 1, 2007 | Reply

  9. Amen!

    Comment by Angie Braden | March 21, 2007 | Reply

  10. I am a thug as the police say I think it’s funny tho but In stay high and I am going to jail over it but I don’t care I am going to get more weed today so hahaha can’t stop me bitch

    Comment by kenneth | March 30, 2007 | Reply

  11. The last comment is so ignorant it deserves no reply. Kenneth, you are a sad man.

    Comment by youngblackman | May 8, 2007 | Reply

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  13. I guess getting a so-called education clouds common sense. The under-cop got killed. Cops kills black men all the time and never see jail. I see the so-called killer, a soldier. Just like in any WAR there will be Collateral Damage, I guess this cop represents the notion.

    Comment by deuce | April 12, 2009 | Reply

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