The Thoughts of an Educated Young African American Male

Can I get an advance on those Seinfeld royalties? Quick!

jackson_kramer.jpgThe pimp has his eyes on his latest hoe. Michael Richards paid his way to be able to stand beside Jesse Jackson while apologizing to blacks. Apparenly, standing beside Jesse is symbolic that blacks are supportive of this apology. No we are not! Jesse got what he wanted, a pay check and a chance to be in photo opprotunities, keeping him a relevant person to see (and later pay) when whites act out in racism.

I once heard a quote that”pimpin’ ain’t dead; dem hoes have just been mislead.” Clearly, Michael Richards is the hoe who has been mislead to believe that paying the pimp Jesse Jackson will resolve any issues concerning his racial rant. Jesse will tell you that pimping is still alive and well. Corporate America still knows that , for the right price, Jesse will continue to be the hoe he really is.

December 1, 2006 Posted by | African American, Black men, Jesse Jackson, Kramer, michael richards | 2 Comments