The Thoughts of an Educated Young African American Male

Slow Down Al Sharpton. You need to take a seat beside Jesse.

It is a sub-heading in most columns, but a black man was shot and killed, on his wedding day, outside a strip club in New York. The reports are they the black man was in a verbal altercation and then ran over an under cover police officer before the police shot multiple times at his car.

Now, the African American community is going to get on the band wagon because he was unarmed. No doubt, Al Sharpton, as a fellow blogger calls him, the “VP to Jesse Jackson” is ready to march and get his chubby face all over television to stir racial tensions. And, I do not condone anyone dying;  but,  is this the guy we want to riot over?

First, he wasat a strip club on his wedding day. Yes, he has rights, but come on, hours before walking down the aisle doesn’t seem to be the appropriate time to get a table dance. Maybe that’s just me not buying into the racial stereotypes that MTV, BET, and rappers have been trying to sell me since I was a child.

Second, saying he was unarmed is misleading. He may not have had a gun, but he used a car to run over someone. In the law, a car used in such a way can be considered a deadly weapon. Murder, or manslaughter, charges could have been brought if the person he hit died. Thus, the deceased used deadly force. Let us not forget that before we rally behind him before we know all the facts.

I am not from New York, and have only been there once in my life for a weekend. I do not understand the cuture nor the racial climate up there.  I can imagine that the black powers that be, who make a living over-hyping and racially thinking everything, will make this a big deal up there.  

Here in NC, we had our own racial drama. A stripper who stripped for the Duke University Lacrosse team claimed she was raped. The New Black Panthers were down here in a second. Everyone was claiming how the white boys should be executed. Now, as more facts come out, this doesn’t seem to be as much of a tragedy as it does a stripper who may not have been telling the complete truth.  We should not have rushed so quick to judgment here. I hope you all do not make the same mistake in New York.   My advice, tell that negro Al Sharpton to sit down! Form your opinion on this on your own and be a free thinker.

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  1. Brother….were we separated at birth? Thank You. There IS more to this story but watch how this story plays out as more information comes forward. This story makes for good copy as opposed to dealing with facts. I will address this in my blog as well. And in this case I am from NY and 10 minutes away from the area where this incident occurred. Trust me…I will heat this subject up. Good Work. I have some ideas going forward where all of us likeminded people of color can congregate. Right on target….

    Comment by dburt aka Afronerd | November 27, 2006 | Reply

  2. More facts are coming forward but I decided to delay my take on this matter…for the moment. My pop believes my blog is like the NY times or something(doting dad and all) so I’m going to lay low for a minute until more facts come in..however, I am inclined to follow your synopsis…unfortunately as this is a local story, tensions are running high and no one wants to deal with facts. Stay tuned.

    Comment by dburt aka Afronerd | November 28, 2006 | Reply

  3. thank you for your post.

    I live in brooklyn and have two brothers. Everytime a black man is shot by a NY police officer or another black man, I become afraid because I have two brothers.

    Not because my brothers are criminals but because it is so easy to forget someone’s humanity because they have a black face.

    A lot of men go to strip clubs before their weddings — he was with his boys — I’m not going to hold that against him.

    And I want to know ALL THE FACTS about what happened to this dead young man before I make any decisions and start condemning NYPD.

    The bad blood left over from Rudy Giuliani’s reaction to several NYPD shootings of unarmed black men is casting a shadow on this death. Smart, patient people will understand that and not traffic in hate and bigotry. Others will want blood. Sad but true.

    Also wish in the next 5-10 years for there to be an (ahem) black leader for the media to interview when something tragic happens to not be someone with a PENIS!

    Comment by iamnotstarjones | November 29, 2006 | Reply

  4. I HATE white poeple and I am white. I hate them because they did not march or stand up for themselves in Jena. They have become too soft to stand toe to toe with the Jena blacks “March for Evil”. I hate white people because we have not systematically destroyed CNNs white customer base by boycotting the channel in an organized fashion. White folks are letting themselves down. They let Jesse and Al browbeat them in public on CNN and let those pigs walk all over the victim for their self-enrichment. White poeple wake up from your apathy and organize legitimate and legal sociopolitical counterpucnhes to hydra of the racist industry.
    Jail the JENA 6!
    Boycott CNN until they give white folks equal time!

    Comment by spark | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  5. pos yourgirls

    Comment by serega | February 2, 2008 | Reply

  6. Son,
    you seem like a self-hating black man. Your push for ‘facts’ is admirable, simple really, but you don’t seem to be taking any in yourself.
    He was leaving a legally-permitted business. By law, he could have been leaving his mistress’ home, or a KKK meeting.
    Secondly, the undercover police that approached their (yes, others were in the car), ended up firing into the car.

    How many times have people made threats to never follow up–daily. IF an altercation occured in the strip club, it would follow that those involved may fear retaliation. I mean, you argue with someone in a dark place, and u see someone following you to your car, hell ya you would flee. The reason this has attention is the history of NYPD and black men: death of Amadou Diallo, an African peddler killed after police fired 41 shots at him in 1999. Both men were black and both were unarmed, although in both cases the officers appeared to have believed the suspect had a gun.

    There is never a conviction, so please spare the country your nonsense, yes NON-SENSE. And the foot soldier who pay homage to cover their own guilt.

    Comment by Kwame | March 24, 2008 | Reply

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