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Did John Kerry Belittle the Troops, or was he Honest?

It’s the new big news in politics. John Kerry said if you try hard in school you’ll be alright, and if not, you’ll be in Iraq (See You tube video below for actual quote). Kerry was speaking to a group of young people. The Republicans have jumped on this quickly. This is a good diversion from Rush Limbaugh and the troubles of the GOP as of late. Even Democrats have found themselves distancing themselves from Kerry because of his self described “failed attempt at humor.” I have opinions on politics, but I defer comments on this topic, politically, for Skeptikal Brotha (link on the blogroll) and others who am sure will give a proper analysis.

My comments come from a more basic question, is what he said true? In this politically correct society, we can’t say anything bad about anyone (unless the Republicans are speaking about Democrats). Worse yet, The Republicans have successfully make the American public analogize discontent with the war for being unpatriotic and un-supportive of the troops. So, when Kerry said that the troops are a bunch of people who couldn’t go to college, even he should have known that was trouble.  If he couldn’t spot that, we are probably lucky he didn’t win the election.  

But, the point that Kerry was trying to make, and he is scared to admit it, is that if you get good grades, work hard in school, the military will not become a last resort to do something respectable.  Kerry knows, like everyone else knows, that going to Iraq in these days could be your death sentence. An education gives you more options than solely enlisting in this war. Kerry was saying if you work hard, there are more options for success, pride, and dignity in the profession you work without having to risk your life. Those who do not work hard, may have to enlist to get the respect and honor from a profession they would like to have. Truthfully, I agree with that. No one else would, but that’s because you can’t speak controversially during election season.

But, one thing Kerry made clear, whenyou’re in Iraq, you will be “stuck” over there.  

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