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The GOP tried the Bigger Thomas technique!

Normally, I will not post twice in a day. But, I had been swamped studying and had not made my rounds to my friends blogs. When I did, I was outraged to read of Skeptical Brotha’s blog (see link to the right) that the Republican Party of Tennessee has tried to use the ‘Bigger Thomas technique’ on Herald Ford, Jr.

For those unfamiliar with the ‘Bigger Thomas’, let me explain. Bigger Thomas is a ficticional (but all to real) character in Richard Wright’s novel Native Son. In the novel, Wright accurately captures the fear of a black male attempting to do the right thing, only to bein a situation with a white woman which he knew would arouse white racist fears concerning black men and white women.  (If you don’t know what these are, then I suggest you read anything by Richard Wright). Unfortunately for Bigger, his actions only lead to making his situation worse, and begins his spiral down.

In regards to Ford, Jr, the Republican Party (Grand Old Party) played an add which linked Ford, Jr, a young, handsome, educated black male with a white Playboy Bunny. 

The add was taken down when the NAACP and others called the add for what it was, an attempt to prey on the racist sentiments of white voters in Tennessee to insure Ford, Jr  is not elected. This shows how low the Replublicans there will go.  It is sad and is a shame.  I am not saying all Republicans are like this, I am talking about the ones who chose to campaign racism over issues.  

For an analysis of the entire ad, see the video below.

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  1. I’m not surprised that Snoop was able to make bail or that the Republican Party would unleash that ad to the good old people in Tennessee.
    My BFF Ken Mehlman knows what works with his people.

    It’s kinda sad that there are Americans who would still get pissed/enraged/peeved about interracial sex/dating/marriage (can’t the let that go? is this the biggest issue in their rich, powerful lives?) but there it is.

    And my BFF Ken Mehlman knows what works with his people.

    Comment by I am not Star Jones | October 30, 2006 | Reply

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